SEA Paddle NYC part 1 ...

This weekend I am participating in the iconic New York City paddle marathon, the SEA Paddle NYC. It is a 25 mile race around the island of Manhattan and a fund raiser for Autism and the environment. This is their 10th year and in total over $2.3 million have been raised by the foundation and this event in support of the environment and Autism non-profits. I am stoked to be involved and to have helped in a small way by raising over $1300 in my campaign. 
I decided to drive to NY instead of trusting my World Record setting board to luggage handlers at an airport. I was offered a board to borrow for the event up here, but I just can't imagine doing a long, flat water race on anything other than my Mistral Vortex 14.  
My trusty Taurus, which I just found out classifies as a "classic" now. (lol) is definitely not suitable for driving that distance. So I rented a car on Wednesday and loaded it up with a universal roof rack, my board, and one more for a friend. The drive is 1400 miles, about 20 hours non-stop. I left around 3 pm and took my time making my way out of Florida. As a general rule I like to stay hydrated, so frequent bathroom stops are required on road trips, plus checking on the boards, fueling up the extremely small gas tank on the rental car, and stretching my legs and back. I decided to try and get some sleep at a rest stop a little south of Savannah around 11pm. I layed in the reclined front seat of my car curled up with my yoga mat and a sweater as I forgot to pack a pillow. I tried to sleep for about an hour and then gave up and kept on driving. I stopped again around 1 and managed about 3 hours and then again around 5 for another hour or 2. In total about 5 hours of sleep at 3 different rest stops. (yes, in my car, on the side of the road. I know, I'm classy like that. I'm also cheap) 
I kept cruise control at 70 as that seemed like the best speed for the least board vibration and drove all day through the next day. I kept thinking and laughing to my self, how crazy am I? This is a long-ass drive. Why didn't I fly? Who thought this was a good idea? I must be certifiably insane. But, I kept an upbeat and positive attitude the whole time and really it wasn't that bad. Turns out I have a talent for doing things for really long distances for a really long time. I told myself, if I can paddle for 24 hours non stop, I sure as hell can drive for 30 when I get to stop as much as I like. I think it helps that I enjoy my own company and the thoughts in my head. I can space out and/or entertain myself for a long time. As the hours ticked by, I actually felt better and better about the drive. The last 8 were pretty fun. (Besides 3 hours of traffic trying to get around DC.)

I use essential oils a lot. At home I have a diffuser. In the car, I put a few drops under the a/c vents and I think it also really helped to keep me calm/focused/energized during the drive depending on which oil I was using. 

Nothing really crazy happened. I only drank 1 5-hour energy (split in to 2 doses) and 1 cup of coffee. I am not a caffiene drinker so small amounts go a long way for me, which I am grateful for.

I arrived a little after 9 pm on Thursday. 30 hours after departure from Key Largo, FL. Both boards and I are 100% safe and intact. I am not releigious, but I do beleive in good energy. So I said a few prayers and offrered essential oils to my angels and spirit guides for a smooth and perfect journey and that was indeed granted. I am so grateful to the universe for that.

  I am staying in Waldwick, NJ with an old friend who has parking and storage space so I don't have to worry about cars and boards in NYC until Saturday morning. Thank goodness. I'm not looking forward to that part. lol.

Now its time to chill out and rest up for the Race on Saturday.  

To be continued... (with results!)

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