Euro Tour Week 2 #FastestPaddlerOnEarth!!!!

Week 2 

Day 1 Monday 5/23

Today we drove more than 12 hours from Ste Maxime, France straight to Brombashee, Germany with the Mistral Sprinter van. This was a long journey, but Steeve made a bed in the back on top of the inflatable boards and we took turns getting some sleep as we cruised along. We felt like we were being smuggled across the European boarders like refugees. 

Day 2  5/24

Its cold and rainy in Germany. Today was a double training session day, but the first one I did indoors in the fitness center because I didn't want to face the weather outside. Such a baby. The food at the hotel is excellent. Huge breakfast and lunch buffets with vegan friendly choices. :) We also made a trip to the grocery store for snacks to keep in the room. I found organic peanut butter. It made me very happy. 

Day 3   5/25

Morning sprint training and a paddle around the race course which is already laid out on the lake. Food, siesta, food, then we rented bicycles and had a super fun bike ride around the lake and got to scope out the race course from a different perspective. Its still cold, but they say it is going to warm up this weekend. I really like Germany. I like that it is clean and neat. Things are well taken care of and organized.  Other racers are starting to arrive at the hotel.

Day 4  5/26

Rest Day. Found the Hotel pool and Spa. (Why have I not been coming here all week?!?) Amazing massage jets in both pools and a sauna. R&R, lots of Yoga and eating and catching up on computer work. What a relaxing day. Feeling great and ready for tomorrow’s race.

Day 5 & 6   5/27 & 5/28

The weekend was the Lost Mills Race in Brombashee, Germany. It is the largest, most competitive SUP race in the Euro Tour and possibly in all of Europe. I came primarily to see how I stacked up against the best paddlers in Europe on a flat-water, long-distance (11mile) race. I have a had my eye on this race for 2 years now, since I first started paddling. The key element for me being the flat water. Most of the elite SUP events around the World take place in open water and it doesn’t matter how fast you can paddle, if you are not good at surfing, you can forget about winning the race. Also at the Lost Mills, they start off the weekend with a 200m sprint race to see who is “The Fastest Paddler on Earth.” I wasn’t even sure I wanted to enter this event as I thought sprinting and out-right speed was not my forte. I consider myself a diesel engine. One speed. Go forever. This is something I have been working with my coaches on correcting and I guess its been working! However, I never trained specifically to sprint 200m. I ended up winning the event and now hold the title for the next year of “Fastest (female) paddler on Earth!!!!” It goes to show you never know until you try. I was taught as a runner that there are fast and slow twitch muscles fibers and to be an entrance athlete, you work primarily slow twitch and therefore end up losing out in speed to gain endurance. But in the last 6 months I have gained the Guinness World Record for longest distance in 24 hours and now the title of Fastest Paddler on Earth. Endurance and Speed. When I heard my time and knew that I had won the event, I screamed so loud and jumped up and down on my board and fell in the water and screamed and shouted and jumped some more. I am so unbelievably happy and proud. This is really a huge accomplishment for such a short time paddling. 2 huge accomplishments. 

On Saturday I came 2nd place in the distance race with the top female finishers in almost the same order as last week in Ste Maxime.

Next week I head to Spain for the Bilbao paddle Challenge. I will try and catch Sonni once more. She is so freaking strong, but I know with a little more technical experience, I will be able to keep up. I know that my weaknesses are mostly in technical errors and lack of experience, not in lack of strength or speed, and that I am gaining and learning more and more every race. 


Huge Congratulations to Mistral for their Vortex 14!’  The board that has brought me to Victory at the SUP 11 City Tour, The 24 hour Guinness World Distance Record, and now the Fastest Paddler on Earth!

To all my sponsors for there amazing support and incredible products! I couldn’t do it with out you! 

Carbonerro with the winning paddle all the way. 

Remedys Nutrition for energy to paddle for days

VMG Blades with the fin designed and proven to win the 200M sprint!

Sweet waterwear - woudn't enter an endurance event with my compression pants

Keys Mobile Chiropractic - I am missing you SO much over here!