Back to Back victories in FL and I couldn't do it without incredible support!!!

This blog is about how amazing the people are in my life!!! 

Me and my number 1 fans!!!! Love you guys so much!!!! 

Me and my number 1 fans!!!! Love you guys so much!!!! 

     The last few weeks have just flown by! Races every weekend since the official season kick off at the Carolina Cup on April 23rd. I have been lucky enough to have my 2 biggest fans present for the last two weeks in a row. My parents have supported my endeavors since day 1.  Athletic, artistic, scholastic, you name it, I probably tried it. I have never been an underachiever. Without their unconditional love and encouragement, I would not be the person that I am today. When I hear them cheering me on from the top of a bridge or riding along on the safety boat during a SUP Race, I can still hear the passion in my mother’s voice the same as it was when I was 4 years old and just learning how to kick a soccer ball, yelling from the sidelines “Get in there!” So many games, practices, rehearsals, recitals, rides, cleats, and uniforms. And now as a full grown adult, whenever possible my parents are still there in 100% support. Now that they are retired I see them in attendance and even volunteering at events more and more.

  I see and thank my parents on a regular basis as we live only 20 minutes away from each other, but I don’t think any number of thank yous will ever be equivalent to a lifetime of raising a child.  I hope I can continue to make them proud.

   Last weekend was the Orange Bowl Paddle Championships in Miami, FL. I came 1st overall female and felt really strong during the 8 mile course. Miami is only 1.5 hrs drive from Key Largo so we made a day trip of it riding up and back in my car with myself, my boyfriend Will (my 3rd biggest fan) and my two parents all packed in.  Will borrowed and paddled an OC1 next to me the entire race and even though his leg went numb in the first mile and he wasn’t even racing, he finished the entire course to show his support.

   This weekend was the Florida Cup in St Petersburg, FL, 650miles round trip from Key Largo and guess what, my not-so-trusty Taurus was not-so-up for the trip. We don’t have another car with roof racks but my boyfriend volunteered to drive me up in his car if I could get my board safely on top. We looked a little ghetto with a strap and noodle jury-rigged roof rack, but we made it safely, board and all to the race and back and the sweetest boyfriend in the whole wide world drove the whole way. My parents made the trip in their car and stayed a few extra days visiting friends, so once again I had my fan club and support crew there to cheer me on as I paddled 9 hard miles to victory.

    This was the 4th race in the Florida points series, the Fastest in Florida. There was a good turn out, but not as big as I had expected. I think people who have been following the same race schedule as I have needed a week off. Racing every weekend takes its toll on your body. (and your bank account.)  This is where I want to express gratitude for my incredible support system that comes not from my family and friends. They may not do it out of love, but their contributions are equally as invaluable.

   I work closely with a local nutritionist who keeps my diet and supplements on point when the demands are high and there is no time drops in energy or fighting illnesses. Nutrition is one of the KEY elements in my training and success and I wouldn’t be as strong and as fit as I am today without Remedys Nutrition.

 This week I had a scare when one of my ribs went out of place. I thought I might have to drop out of the race this weekend. But after only one visit with my chiropractor, I was able to paddle pain free. Not even missing a training session. Now that is incredible! Keys Mobile Chiropractic comes to my house weekly to keep my body in line for high demand, low recovery weeks like these, sometimes twice. Dr. Austin is always checking in and genuinely cares about my body’s well being and my athletic pursuits.

   Racing every weekend not only takes its toll on my body, it also gets expensive. The cost of gas and race entry fees plus constantly cancelling classes that I teach those days is like a double whammy because eventually your students stop coming. Passionately pursuing my dreams is worth every penny and fortunately for me, I have wonderful, supporting sponsors like Mistral SUP (who is sending me to Europe to race for 3 weeks in the Euro Tour!!!) And the Carbonerro/Vestpac team (who are helping with some key events in the USA) These companies show their commitment to this sport with their incredible products and through the support of their team riders. I am honored to be a part.

Sweet Waterwear and Liquid Ambition always keep me looking stylish and VMG Blades makes the best fin a board can have.

   Thank you to everyone in the world who supports someone in some way. May we all take time to be grateful every single day.  

Blessings and Gratitude,