Life is not a race...

I forget that sometimes. Life is not a race. Just because I love to race, doesn’t mean I need to always be racing.

The last two weeks I finally took some time off from racing through life. Not by choice, but by necessity. I’ve been fighting one injury or another for quite some time now and it’s finally caught up to me. The last time I stepped on my race board was the finals at PPG. 13 days ago. This is the longest I’ve gone without a workout since I can’t remember. I haven’t lifted a weight or gone for a swim or even been to a yoga class. I was finally in enough pain that I slowed down to listen to what my body has been trying to tell me for months. “I am injured and I need rest.”

There have been so many signs and I knew this was coming, but I really really wanted to make it through to December for my final race of the season. I even kept this rest period quiet because I was in denial. I thought maybe I could make it through the Chattajack and then stop. I was trying to rationalize it by saying “but its only 32 miles on flat water. It will be easy.” Now, that kind of race is my bread and butter, but 32 miles is never easy.  

It is frustrating and disappointing, but I know in the long run, it is the right thing to do.

I have a rib that every once in a while goes out of place. I don’t know how it happens or what I do to make it slip, it is something we are working on figuring out. What I do know is that recently it has been going out every single week, and that is just not okay. I have been holding myself together with tape. I saw the red flags, but I was stubborn and wanted to keep training and racing. I am glad I made it through PPG, but looking back, even to get there was a struggle. My training has suffered because I am always trying to maneuver around one symptom or another.

I saw 2 different chiropractors while I was in CA and neither of them helped with my rib. I was so happy to get back here to see Dr. Austin who own Keys Mobile Chiropractic. He has been my chiropractor for 10 months now and knows my body well. He was able to reset the rib and get me back on track once more. I don’t know what I would do without him and wish I could take him everywhere I go.

 Super happy face... 

 Super happy face... 

I have taken 2 weeks complete rest and it is starting to feel better. I will take two more and do some physical therapies to help the rib stay in place. 

The body is an amazing machine and it is capable of incredible things. Feats of skill and stamina beyond our wildest dreams, but only if it is well taken care of. Recovery is a fundamental part of any training program. I believe everything happens for a reason and I just need to not fight it any longer and go with the flow. Life is not a race. Life is journey.

Slow down. Relax. I have not taken an off season since I began racing and it’s about time.